Faucaria Tigrina “Tiger’s Jaw” Succulent Plant


Faucaria tigrina, commonly known as “Tiger’s Jaw,” is a unique and fascinating succulent plant native to South Africa. Belonging to the Aizoaceae family, this plant is admired for its distinctive foliage and low-maintenance nature.

The Tiger’s Jaw succulent is characterized by its triangular or wedge-shaped leaves that grow in rosettes. The leaves are thick and fleshy, with triangular teeth along the edges, resembling the teeth of a tiger, hence its common name. The leaves are typically green but may take on reddish or purplish hues when exposed to bright sunlight or cooler temperatures.

In addition to its ornamental foliage, Faucaria tigrina may produce small, daisy-like flowers in shades of yellow or white during the blooming season. These flowers emerge from the center of the rosette and add further visual interest to the plant.

Tiger’s Jaw is well-suited for cultivation in containers, rock gardens, or succulent landscapes. It prefers well-draining soil and bright sunlight.

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haimanti paul
haimanti paul
19 May 2024
All plants came healthy, with very good packaging. None are spoiled so far, it's been over a month and half. I hope they stay with me very long
2 May 2024
Received healthy saplings . Very happy with the purchase.
30 April 2024
Very healthy plants and reasonable rates.Happy to receive succulents.
Kalyani Pathak
Kalyani Pathak
7 April 2024
Very good succulents received from them.They supplied very affordable and healthy plants
Vivek Betai
Vivek Betai
6 March 2024
Purchased succulents from bhimtal nursery. The plants were very healthy and reasonably priced. They travelled 1000km without any damage. Thankyou!


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